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Our friend Ray has been working with Murray Street Productions (NYC) and the non-profit Artemis Media (Alabama) on this audio documentary and web project – to highlight the remarkable influence of blind gospel musicians on American music. Basically the program investigates the origins of R&B (Sam Cooke or Whitney Houston) and looks to the influence that blind musicians like Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder and their predecessors have had. Heavenly Sight explores these roots, with correspondent Dave Marash, Jimmy Carter of the Blind Boys of Alabama, Gospel at Colonus creator Lee Breuer, musicians Henry Butler and David Bromberg, and music from a century of Vision out of Blindness.

While the funding they have received from grants was enough to complete the radio documentary it left no resources to properly fund the promotion of the documentary to public radio stations or build a true companion website. They seek to bring the hour-long radio doc. to more stations and build a lasting web resource.

With your help, they can bring all these resources together to build a dynamic website and engage in a marketing plan that helps bring Heavenly Sightto hundreds, rather than a handful, of stations. With an array of multimedia elements, will be easily accessible to visually-handicapped visitors following best practices from the National Federation of the Blind and the Perkins Institute.

The website will bring the panorama of blues and gospel styles well beyond the documentary audience — drawn by curiosity, by social media, blog posts, search engines and enthusiasm for the authentic styles and artists whose work we bring to light. Their library of the music and musician interviews will be a continuing resource for education and entertainment.

For more details on Heavenly Sight and how you can donate click here.

For more details on kickstarter click here.


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