march madness Youve Got a One in 35.4 Billion Chance of Filling Out a Perfect March Madness Bracket

March Madness

Planning to fill out a March Madness bracket this year?  Here’s what you’re getting yourself into.  You’ve got a one-in-35.4 BILLION chance of correctly picking every single game . . . that’s lower than the odds of winning the Powerball, at one in 195 million.  Overall, 62% of people say they’ve lost money on betting on the NCAA tournament . . . 17% have won more than $200.

On Monday, there’s a good chance someone’s going to ask you to join a March Madness pool.  So you might as well know your odds of actually ending up with a few extra dollars.

First of all, you WON’T pick all the games correctly.  You’ve only got a one-in-35.4 BILLION chance of correctly picking the result of every single game in the tournament, as well as the handful of play-in games.

Your odds of winning a POWERBALL LOTTERY are better than that . . . those are about one in 195 million.  And that pays off hundreds of millions of dollars . . . not just $150 collected from your coworkers.

And according to a nationwide survey, 62% of people have lost money betting on the NCAA tournament.

BUT . . . that means almost two-in-five people HAVE won money on March Madness.  17% say they’ve even won more than $200.

Overall, 31% of people say they definitely plan on betting on March Madness this year.

(Business Insider)


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