Apps For Cats

cats with ipad Apps For Cats

I gotta say, I don’t even have a cat…but these are KOOL!

original Apps For CatsFriskies Games for Cats
This may have been the site and apps that started the craze. Friskies now have a number of iOS apps available in the iTunes App Store.

 Cat Fishing and its sequel, Cat Fishing 2 are both free. These should keep your kitty amused with colorful fishies swimming around which are easily patted away by curious paws.

Additional free titles in the series include Friskies JitterBug, Tasty Treasures Hunt and Party Mix-Up!, a particular favorite among cats who seemed to enjoy seeing a treat-shaped crunchy food bits spinnng against a black background.

Game for Cats
One of the earliest games for cats in the iTunes App Store for iPad owners was simply entitled Game for Cats. To this day, it still does a great job. The app is free to begin with, but an in-app purchase of $1.99 will unlock all its features. There are a couple of things for kitty to enjoy here including a laser pointer to chase. That $1.99  mentioned lets you move the laser directly with your iPhone for total control, and also unlocks a mouse with which your kitty can play. With sounds emitted every time the cat steps on the mouse or laser, this extra level of interactivity should keep cats interested for a while.

original Apps For CatsPaint for Cats

So what happens if Mr. Tiddles is a little more creative, or tires of chasing a cartoon mouse or fish shapes around the iPad screen? Well, for the cat owner who believes they may have a true artist in their midst, why not try Paint for Cats instead? A $1.99 investment gets you this intriguing app designed by Noel Murray, who also created Game for Cats.  The idea here is the cat chases the mouse, but this time a painting is created as they go. Some cats may react to the cool color splotches they leave in their wake, but it’s likely they’ll really just be chasing the mouse more than anything. You can print out kitty’s creation and hang it on the wall for all to see. Your cat, meanwhile, will likely be unimpressed by such pride in his or her artistic abilities and simply want more food or to take a nap.

original Apps For CatsCat Piano Concerto

Once again, let’s step away from the usual cat-chases-mouse scenario and feature something a bit more unusual.
Cat Piano Concerto would be the best (or worst) 99 cents you will ever spend, depending on how your kitty reacts to it. Perhaps more importantly, much will depend on how irritated you are by the noises it makes. Launch the app, and a keyboard appears. As you run your fingers across the keys, various meows are emitted which will possibly drive you bonkers, but may amuse your cat at least. Put your iPad down on the floor and perhaps your kitty, too, will walk across the keys. So here is one cat-friendly app that both owner and feline can potentially enjoy. It’s hard to gauge whether the cats will be enticed or frightened by a chorus of meows, but dogs in the home may get a real kick out of it. A free version is available to try out first.


Not every app for cats needs to be playful. Did you know there is even a social network now for cats and dogs called PlentyOfFur?   Admittedly, pet owners are likely to get a lot more benefit from this app than the cats themselves, but don’t tell kitty that. This free iPhone app (and its accompanying website) is certainly not supposed to be taken too seriously, and acts like a tongue-in-cheek Facebook for your pets. Put up a profile, share pictures and let your kitty find some new friends. PlentyOfFur also offers access to forums where pet owners can discuss diet, behavior and other issues or even share a few jokes. Perhaps when kitty is ailing one day, there will be some useful advice here once more cats sign-up!


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