Dad chores

Dad Chores

Researchers from the Universities of Virginia and Connecticut looked at how parents divided up 24 different chores . . . and moms did EVERY SINGLE ONE more often than dads.  Dads leaned more towards chores that minimized contact with kids, and avoided anything related to clothing.  Sound familiar?

–Here are the five things dads were MOST likely to help with: 

#1.)  Limiting their social activities to take care of the kids.

#2.)  Taking the child to daycare.

#3.)  Taking the kids to visit people.

#4.)  Buying toys or books.

#5.)   Playing.

–And here are the five things dads were LEAST likely to help with: 

#1.)  Picking out clothes for their kids to wear.

#2.)  Buying clothes.

#3.)  Washing clothes.

#4.)  Changing clothes.  (–Changing diapers was a separate chore.)

#5.)   Talking to their kids.  (–Really?  This is considered a chore?)

–They also asked which chores dads LIKED to do.  Here are the top five: 

#1.)  Playing with the kids.

#2.)  Talking to them.

#3.)  Taking them for walks in a stroller.

#4.)  Buying toys and books.

#5.)   Taking them to visit people.

And here are their LEAST favorite chores: 

#1.)  Getting up at night to care for them.

#2.)  Missing work to care for them.

#3.)  Changing diapers.

#4.)  Washing clothes.

#5.)  Limiting social activities to care for their kids.

(Wall Street Journal)


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