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Who’s ready to party? It’s almost time for spring break 2012. Whether you plan to hit the beach in Mexico, surf for hot babes in California, catch a Spring Training game, head up north to go camping, or just relax in town, check out some of these iPhone apps to have a fabulous break worth remembering!


Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2012

Get a taste of a bootylicious spring break with the free Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2012 app. See something or someone you really like? Upgrade to the full version of the app for $6.99 and get access to all the magazine’s print images and 68 videos shot at exotic locations. If that’s not enough, you can rotate models 360 degrees to get the full effect of their assets in this year’s trendiest swimsuits. Pinch-and-zoom photos for a closer look, pun fully intended. Hey, why not try out some of your cheesiest spring break pickup lines on these lovely ladies? After all, they can’t talk back.

Hubba Hubba  hubba hubba MUST HAVE Spring Break Apps

Whether you are a “local yokel,” on a sober staycation, or a “Mack-Daddy” on a crazy Florida beach spring break, the free Hubba Hubba app has photo enhancements to help you pick up the ladies at local establishments. Pimp your pictures out with moustaches, sunglasses, hats and more based around themes such as “Jive Turkey,” “Lounge Lizard,” and the ones aforementioned. This photography enhancement app also has some love for the ladies so check it out one and all.


Inevitably, you will get hungry on spring break. When the urge to gorge hits you can simply use the Hngry app ($2.99) to find a local eating establishment. The best part, this foodie app shows you only restaurants that are open right now, when you are searching for them. That means when you’re looking for a midnight waffle house, you know where to find it this spring break. Don’t leave home without it. If you aren’t lucky enough to be heading south for the week, use Hngry to discover new foods around your hometown.

Car Trip

Taking a road trip for spring break? Meet your new best friend, the Car Trip app for iPhone ($0.99). This handy app helps calculate your mileage and potential gas costs so you can plan the most advantageous route. It’s also a weather predictor and will help you steer clear of nasty weather while you road trip for a fabulous spring break.

Sudoku World

Looking for a way to pass the time on that road trip, plane ride, or even just hanging out at the beach? Get the free Sudoku World app for iPhone and challenge your brain even on spring break. The ladies and gentleman who want a smart partner will admire you for your choice in intellectual pastime. Just because it’s spring break does not mean you have to be a complete lazy loser.


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