A wealthy banker left a $1.33 tip on a $133 lunch at the True Food Kitchen restaurant in Newport Beach, California.  To add insult to injury the word “tip” was circled on the receipt, and the banker wrote “get a real job” on the bill. 

The picture of the receipt was taken and uploaded to the blog Future Ex-Banker by a person who was dining with the anonymous banker. As expected, the blog got a lot of attention and has now been taken down, but not before word spread of the incident. . The author of the blog wrote, “mention the 99% in my boss’ presence and feel his wrath. So proudly does he wear his 1% badge of honor that he tips exactly 1% every time he feels the server doesn’t sufficiently bow down to his holiness.”

People online who had a chance to see the blog post before it went offline and those who have been made aware of it on social media outlets are outraged. One person called the tip a “tale of greed and contempt”, and another referred to it as “arrogance personified”.

I’m sure you have your own words to describe it.  Mine aren’t printable.

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  1. 99%Disgusted says:

    We need to find this person and let him know just what the ‘99%’ really think of th stuckup ‘1%’

    1. Not everyone’s like this, but this guy could use a good kick in the you know what. – Steve

  2. Nothingface says:

    Perhaps, he had to listen to the wait staff complaining about the 1%, while patiently waiting for his food to get cold. This was his answer, after he had enough. Could happen, right?

    1. I can’t even begin to get inside this guy’s head – thankfully. – Steve

  3. KG says:

    He totally reinforces my option of bankers and the wealthy – GREEDY and AS****LE!

  4. KG says:

    Oops, I meant my “opinion”, not option. I’m probably not smart enough to even be in his realm of greatness….

  5. anon says:

    What’s more plausible nothingface: 1) A wealthy banker has grown arrogant over his success and taken the opportunity to insult his waiter for fun. At the sight of this banker’s actions a guest of this banker, who felt guilty by association, chose to tell others of this event by uploading a piece of evidence to an online blog.

    2) A wealthy banker dislikes his service for any number of sensible reasons, and in anger and cowardice writes an extremely rude comment on the bill to be found by the waiter later. A guest of the banker who also received this poor service decides that the banker made a mistake and, instead of any number of reasonable courses of action, chooses to attempt to ruin his host’s reputation.

    Also, the banker is a p***k regardless of the circumstances given the information provided, There is a clear indication by the banker’s guest that the service was likely acceptable. Don’t be such a contrarian.

  6. Robin says:

    He sets the image for the rest of the rich bankers that we bailed out whether we wanted to or not. If there is any decency in his superiors, he should be demoted, along with his salary or booted out of his job and if there is any justice maybe be black balled from ever getting another similar position. Possibly, he might get a glimmer of what it is like to be among the 1% and then again with his conceited self image and big head, maybe not. Also, if I was the manager of that restaurant, I would 96 his @#! from ever setting foot in the establishment.

  7. Maggie B says:

    Make this guy wait on tables for a week and then see how much he tips.

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