Navy SEALs Hunting Terrorists . . . Amanda Seyfried Hunting a Serial Killer . . . Jennifer Aniston at a Hippie Commune . . . and the latest Tyler Perry Movie

#1.)  “Act of Valor”  (R)

During a mission to rescue a captured CIA agent, a Navy SEAL team discovers a terrorist plot to smuggle suicide vests into the U.S.

Roselyn Sanchez from “Without a Trace” plays the captured agent, and the SEAL team is played by active duty Navy SEALs, firing live rounds in many of the scenes.  It was filmed over a two year period, working around their deployment cycles.

And even though the underlying story is fiction, they incorporated elements from actual anti-terrorist operations performed by the SEALs

#2.)  “Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds”   (PG-13)

Tyler Perry is jolted out of his routine when he decides to help a single mother . . . after learning that she’s been hiding her daughter in the supply closet every night while cleaning his office.

Gabrielle Union plays his fiancé, Phylicia Rashad from “The Cosby Show” is his mom, and Thandie Newton is the woman he’s inspired to help.

#3.)  “Gone”  (PG-13)

Amanda Seyfried is a woman who once escaped from a serial killer.  But since there was never any evidence, no one believes her when her sister disappears, and she tries to convince them that she was taken by the same guy.

In fact, the cops think she’s crazy and they go after HER, once they find out she got a gun to hunt down the killer herself.

#4.)  “Wanderlust”  (R)

Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd play a couple who end up at a hippie commune to escape the pressures of city life after he gets fired.

Malin Akerman plays a hot blonde hippie who offers herself to Paul Rudd, but ends up in bed with Jennifer instead.  Jennifer’s boyfriend Justin Theroux is in the movie, too.  But forget rumors that they met on this film.

Jennifer recently said she’s known him for five years . . . and they didn’t even start dating until AFTER they filmed this movie.


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