You Can Predict a Person’s Job Performance by Looking at Their Facebook Profile for Just Ten Minutes



According to researchers from Northern Illinois University, an employer can tell whether you’ll be good at your job after looking at your Facebook page for just ten minutes.  They had people in human resources grade job candidates on personality traits based on their Facebook profile, and found that it predicted their evaluations on those traits after six months on the job.

You might have cleaned up your Facebook profile so employers wouldn’t see your drunk bachelor party pictures . . . but they can still find plenty of information there.

Researchers from Northern Illinois, the University of Evansville, and Auburn found that looking at people’s Facebook pages for just ten minutes could predict how well they’d do on the job.

They had people in Human Resources look at the Facebook pages of job applicants and grade them on traits like intellectual curiosity, conscientiousness, agreeability, and whether they were extraverted.

After six months on the job, supervisors evaluated the candidates on the same traits . . . and came to the same conclusions.  The strongest correlations were for intellectual curiosity, agreeability, and conscientiousness.

Photos of you traveling show you’re open to new experiences, and the number of friends you have indicates how extraverted you are.


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