And Now, Four Ridiculous Things They Offer at Luxury Hotels



The whole point of staying at a luxury hotel is to be pampered.  But according to an article in “USA Today”, the amenities they offer are getting more and more ridiculous.

For example, the Ritz-Carlton in Miami Beach has a “tanning butler” on staff whose sole job is to rub people down with sunscreen.  And now at the Ritz in Dallas, they have a “guacamologist” who specializes in making guacamole.

And I thoughtI was doing well scoring a free scrambled egg breakfast buffet!

Here are a few more crazy services they offer at high-end hotels.

 #1.)  Fragrance Butlers.  Some Rosewood Hotels . . . including The Carlyle in New York . . . will send an assortment of perfumes and colognes to your room 24 hours a day.  And a butler brings it to your door on a silver platter.

#2.)  Surfing Lessons for Your Dog.  The Loews Coronado Bay Resort in San Diego has a dog-surfing instructor on staff.  There’s a package that comes with a one-night stay, and a pair of K-9 board shorts.

#3.)  Sleep Experts.  A lot of hotels offer “pillow menus” now, so you can choose the exact firmness you want.  But the Benjamin Hotel in New York takes it a step further and has a “sleep concierge” to help you choose.

And if you can’t sleep, they’ll send up a glass of warm milk, and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich made with banana bread.

#4.)  People Who Plan Your Dates for You.  A concierge at any half-decent hotel can make dinner reservations.  But some luxury hotels have employees who actually help you plan dates, or even plan a marriage proposal.

The Opus Hotel in Vancouver has a “Cupid Concierge.”  And the Marriott Long Wharf Hotel in Boston has a, quote, “Proposal Artist.”

(USA Today)



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