Did you ever think you’d see the day when satirical cable news shows would be bigger than the nightly news on one of the big networks?  Statistics show that The Daily Show and Colbert Report on Comedy Central are HUGE ratings grabbers!  They’ve almost become “the standard.”  But, one of them has gone MIA.  There was no Stephen Colbert last night, and there won’t be any more this week.  Not only was Stephen out, the show was off the air.  No reruns…NOTHING!

If you had tickets to either of the last two scheduled shows, you got an e-mail that said theywere cancelled due to “unforeseen reasons!”  This is a first for the program.  Even Stephen’s Twitter account has been eerily silent.  What’s the deal?  Is someone in trouble?  Will the show be back on Monday?  Will it be back EVER?

CLICK HERE for what we know so far.


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