I can’t imagine why anyone would have a problem taking off half of their clothes at the airport!  Who doesn’t like getting half naked in front of complete strangers with wands?  But, if you’re not a fan, your wishes may come true soon.  The TSA plans to loosen some rules in 2012 that may allow you to keep your clothes on and your laptops and plastic bags in your carry-on!

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  1. Bill Fisher says:

    It is unbelievable that people are allowing strangers to touch their children’s privates and digitally strip search them just to board an airplane. The “I feel more safe” argument exemplifies the lack of intellect of those who support the erosion of their 4th Amendment rights.

    Janet Napolitano said last year that if people didn’t want to be digitally strip searched and groped they could take the train or bus. Now TSA is spreading its abuses to the streets of buses and trains. Not only have people forfeited their rights in exchange for being able to fly, now their children may be assaulted by these goons in a train or bus station.

    In less than a year there have been sixty two TSA screeners charged with serious crimes including eleven for child sex crimes, four for smuggling and one for murder. They allow 60% of cargo to go unchecked and fail 70% of GAO security tests. TSA has become the definition of corrupt and incompetent.

    This agency is out of control and needs to be replaced with one that respects our fundamental human rights. These creeps deserve every bit of criticism they receive and their conduct must be limited by a third party organization charged with the protecting the interests of citizens, not someone who works for TSA.

    TSA is the only agency to have its own propaganda ministry, something previously limited to rogue nations like the Nazis, Soviets and North Korea. When Americans are sitting in a gulag without a trial or lawyer they’ll wonder how it got this far.

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