Lt. Mark Rosen of the Beverly Hills Police Department conducted a press conference on the latest on the death of singer Whitney Houston Press conference in front of the Beverly Hills Police Department. No facts. Coroner’s case. No info until the toxicology is out.

Here are all the latest details released:

  • The Beverly Hills Police Department (BHPD) understands that because this is a high profile event the public is concerned andwants to know what has happened.
  • There has been a great deal of speculation as to what’s going on and the cause of death.
  • The BHPD intent is not to fuel rumors and they cannot confirm or deny any of the rumors out there.
  • At approximately 3:30pm on Saturday Houston discovered in bathtub of her 4th floor room in the Beverly Hilton by member of personal staff. They will and cannot say who that person is.
  • Prior to BHPD and hotel security arriving on scene, she was pulled from tub by the person who discovered her.
  • She was unconscious and unresponsive and life saving techniques would not work to revive her.
  • At approximately 3:55pm she was pronounced dead.
  • The death is an active investigation by BHPD and is not a criminal investigation.
  • The BHPD has concluded their investigation at the hotel.
  • The death is now in the hands of the coroner.
  • BHPD cannot comment on the condition of her room, body, or anything else pertaining to the investigation.
  • No more information will be released from the BHPD until the coroner’s toxicology investigation is completed.
  • BHPD is not speculating the cause of death and does not know where the information about prescription drugs found on scene came from.
  • The 911 call is sealed and will most likely eventually be released after the investigation is concluded.
  • No warrents have been served warrants to any pharmacies or doctors.
  • With certainty the BHPD has confirmed it is not a homicide and the investigation is normal procedure for someone her age which would have died in this manor.
  • Because the BHPD has concluded the preliminary investigation on the case, no further details will be released until the coroner’s findings.
  • Nothing has been ruled out on the cause of death.

For more details on the singer’s death visit


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