The Big Game

The Big Game

Sunday’s Super Bowl . . . in which the New York Giants edged the New England Patriots by a score of 21-to-17  . . . was the most-watched TV program of ALL TIME.

An estimated 111.3 million people watched the game.  That BARELY eclipsed last year’s Super Bowl, which attracted 111 million people.  That’s a difference of only 300,000 viewers.  (–The Packers beat the Steelers in that one, 31-25.)

This is the THIRD straight year that the Super Bowl has set a new all-time ratings mark.  Before this run, the series finale of “M*A*S*H” held the record for 27 years.  106 million watched it in 1983.

Sunday’s game continues an upward trend.  The Super Bowl audience has grown by over 25 million people over the past seven years.  Here’s the rundown:

–Super Bowl 39 . . . the Patriots beat the Eagles in 2005:  86.1 million viewers.

–Super Bowl 40 . . . the Steelers top the Seahawks in 2006:  90.7 million viewers.

–Super Bowl 41 . . . the Colts defeat the Bears in 2007:  93.2 million viewers.

–Super Bowl 42 . . . the Giants beat the Patriots in 2008:  97.4 million viewers.

–Super Bowl 43 . . . the Steelers defeat the Cardinals in 2009:  98.7 million viewers.

–Super Bowl 44 . . . the Saints win over the Colts in 2010:  106.5 million viewers.

–Super Bowl 45 . . . the Packers top the Steelers last year:  111 million viewers.

–Super Bowl 46 . . . the Giants win on Sunday:  111.3 million viewers.

Fortunately for everyone, recent Super Bowls have been relatively close games.  In each of those seven years, the game has been within less than a touchdown at some point in the fourth quarter.



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