The Munsters

The Munsters

There are a few more details on NBC’s “modern-day reboot” of “The Munsters” . . . and it sounds like they’re following the normal “remake” trend of making the new version nothing like the original.

For starters, the new show will have a different name.  It’s called “Mockingbird Lane”, after the street the Munsters live on.  (–You may remember from the original series that the full address was 1313 Mockingbird Lane.)

Also, the ‘Munsters’ won’t LOOK much like monsters.  Instead, they’ll look fairly normal . . . so they “can blend in with everyday folks.”

And as we’ve heard, the new show will be an edgy, dark, “visually spectacular one-hour drama” . . . not a simple, half-hour sitcom like the original “Munsters”.


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