Daniel Radcliffe’s Ghost Story is Up Against the Whale Movie “Big Miracle”

movie reel Daniel Radcliffes Ghost Story is Up Against the Whale Movie Big Miracle


There are a couple of good movies out this weekend just in case you weren’t going to watch the Big Game!

#1.)  “The Woman In Black  (PG-13)

Daniel Radcliffe plays a lawyer who travels to a remote village and discovers the ghost of a scorned woman is terrorizing the locals.  He’s also stuck living in the house she likes to haunt, while he sorts out the affairs of a dead client.

It’s a remake that originally starred his dad from the “Harry Potter” movies.  Read more about that here.  Daniel also got his godson to play his son in the movie.  His character is a single father whose wife died in childbirth.

And here’s a bit of horror trivia for you:  “The Woman in Black” is produced by Hammer Films.  And any true horror fan would know that they helped launch the careers of Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing.

Cushing played Baron Frankenstein in their many “Frankenstein” movies, plus he was Van Helsing in all of Christopher Lee’s “Dracula” flicks.

#2.)  “The Big Miracle”  (PG)

John Krasinski and Drew Barrymore work together to save three whales trapped under the ice in the Arctic Circle.  It’s set in the ’80s and based on a true story.

He’s the reporter who breaks the story, and she’s a Greenpeace volunteer who pressures the Russian and American governments to put aside their Cold War differences and act before it’s too late.  Kristen Bell and Ted Danson are also in it.

#3.)  “Chronicle”  (PG-13)

Three high school kids acquire super powers and use their mental abilities for a series of juvenile pranks.  But as their powers grow stronger, one of them falls to the dark side.  It starts out small, but escalates and turns deadly . . . he rips a spider apart with his mind, crushes a car with his hand, and “accidentally” kills another driver by hurling his truck off the road.


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