Just as big as the game itself, the commercials during the Super Bowl are widely anticipated.  From humble beginnings in the 70’s when ratings started skyrocketing on the NFL’s championship game commercials for the Super Bowl became a hot commodity.   So now, when $3.5 Million will get you 30 seconds of air time, let’s look back at the best commercials ever produced for Super Bowl Sunday.  From Mean Joe all the way to The Vader Kid. 

Mean Joe Green – Coca-Cola

Farrah Fawcett & Joe Namath – Nutrogena

Where’s The Beef – Wendy’s

Brother Dominick – Xerox

Big Brother – Macintosh

Cindy Crawford – Pepsi

MJ vs. Bird – McDonalds

Frogs – Budweiser

Maxima Pigeons – Nissan

Wassup – Budweiser

Monkey – E-Trade

Clidesdales 9/11 Tribute – Budweiser

Castaway – FedEx

Terry Tate: Office Linebacker -Reebok

Yao Ming – Visa

Brad Pitt Beer Run – Heineken

Betty White – Snickers

The Force – Volkswagon


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