Here’s How Often Happy Couples Take Vacations, Kiss, Argue, and…Well…You Know!

Happy Couple

Happy Couple

A company called Headwater Holidays did a study to find the secret to a happy marriage.

According to them, here’s what happy couples do:

They go on two vacations a year.  Happy couples also go on two more “short breaks,” like a long weekend away.

They say “I love you” four and a half times a week.  And share a “lingering kiss” six times a week.

They… well… you know about twice a week . . . and cuddle five and a half times.

They go out to dinner three times a month . . . and go out for drinks together just as often.  They go out with friends WITHOUT their spouse twice a month.

They have two deep, meaningful conversations, and one healthy argument each week.  And they also surprise each other with a romantic gesture three times a month.


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