Gettin’ Rich From The Big Game. Who Is He?

There’s a football field full of cash to be made this Sunday in Indianapolis.  The Super Bowl rakes in an ungodly amount of dough.  The NFL makes its share.  The players have salaries AND endorsement dollars.  The sponsors will see a financial windfall, too.  But, there’s an unlikely man who will be making hundreds of thousands of bucks – WITHOUT lifting a finger!  Believe it or not, he’s a twice-convicted felon named Paul Gadd.

His professional name: [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Gary Glitter[/lastfm].  That’s right.  The convicted pedophile stands to make BIG bucks from the game – from music royalties.  While the NFL has banned the use of his “Rock And Roll Part 2,” there is NO ban on covers of the song.  Since the Patriots play a version by the “Tube Tops” whenever New England scores a touchdown, Glitter makes money!  Since the Super Bowl is one of the most watched programs of the year, that money multiplies.

CLICK HERE for more on the story.

Here’s “Rock And Roll – Part 2:”

Ever wondered what Part 1 sounds like?  There are actually words!  It’s on the next page.


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