When President Barack Obama stopped by New York’s Apollo Theater last week for a fundraiser, he had a little fun and went acapella when he saw  Al Green in the audience,breaking into a couple of lines from the Reverend’s 1972 hit “Let’s Stay Together.”  In the time since then, [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Al Green[/lastfm]’s original track has sold over 16,000 downloads – in increase of 490%! one’s surprise in the last seven days, sales of “Let’s Stay Together” increased by 490%!  I wonder how many it would sell as a duet.

The amazing thing about the President’s brief performance of the song, is the fact he was dead on pitch with Al‘s version.  Which enabled me to put this short clip together with President Obama singing the first two lines (Iiiiiii – I’m so in love with you), and [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Al Green[/lastfm]’s original vocal on the remaining two lines of the sample whatever you want to do – is alright with me).  Too bad the Prez didn’t give us more.  He can sing.

…and here’s the President’s original acapella sample…


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