Remember back before you had kids, and you were always JUDGING other parents for how they handled theirs?  Then once you had kids, you wanted to murder anyone who judged YOU?

“Redbook” magazine asked parents to name the number one thing they WISH other people knew about their kids.  Here are the top 11 responses…

#1.)  “Sometimes my kids are loud and obnoxious and it’s not because I’m a bad parent.”

#2.)  “Boys are naturally curious and don’t always sit still with their hands in their laps.”

#3.)  “Just because my house is messy doesn’t mean I don’t clean.”

#4.)  “If I had my way I wouldn’t bring my kids to the store with me.  But I can’t afford a babysitter.”

#5.)  “Children don’t come out of molds.  They are very individual and have their own quirks that don’t always follow ‘the rules’ in the parenting books.”

#6.)  “Raising cats and dogs is not the same as raising a child.”

#7.)  “I value my child’s naptime.  We’ll come to your event . . . but if we don’t work it around the nap, my kids won’t be all happy and smiling.”

#8.)  “I understand that you’re getting annoyed.  Please have patience while I learn to be a parent and while my kids learn to be people.”

#9.)  “Children are not miniature adults.  They won’t react to things the same way a rational adult would.” #10.)  “Babies cry and toddlers throw fits.  They are not good or bad because of that . . . it just makes them a child.”

#11.)  “Please get over simply crying and whining at Target, the grocery store, and restaurants.  I can’t teach my kids to behave in those places if I never take them there.”

(Redbook / Yahoo)

Here’s a link to the Redbook story.


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