Great Ideas

Great Ideas

A man’s brain is always working and thinking of new things that would make life better.

Anytime you hang out with your buddies, someone will always ask a question that begins with, “You know what would be awesome …?”

The answer to that question could be something like, “A comfortable chair that’s also a toilet and a beer cooler.” Or maybe, “A girlfriend whose friends don’t hate you.”

Whatever it is, guys are always thinking about awesome things that don’t yet exist.

  • A shaving device that shaves your face instantaneously by using lasers.
  • Alarm clocks that wake you up with the smell of sizzling bacon.
  • Cars that drive themselves so that you could drink all you want or sleep on your way to work.
  • Eye implants that help you spot fake boobs.
  • Light sabers. (Star Wars came out in 1977 … You’d think these would have been invented for real by now.)
  • Alcohol with no hangover.

What’s missing?


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