OK, that may be the dumbest title EVER for a blog.  But, let me clarify.  Of course, we’d want Peyton Manning at his prime!  Who wouldn’t???  But, with the neck injury that has kept him out of the game this season in Indy (and left the Colts with a 2-14 season), would Manning be a winning quarterback for the Cardinals?

By the by, it looks more and more like Peyton WILL leave Indy soon.  Whether or not he comes to Arizona, I dunno.

CLICK HERE for the latest on the story.

  1. Gary says:

    IF management is smart, by all means sign him and for a few years BUT stipulate in the contract that he must play so many games before the bulk of the money kicks in. If he can’t play anymore, limit your losses. If he can, look out NFC!
    Trouble is, he probably won’t sign a contract like that nor will he want to come to AZ – no offensive line has plagued Warner, Kolb – all of our QBs. No line at Indy put him where he is now.

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