Most Guys Would Use Their “Hall Pass” on Katy Perry and Rihanna

Hall Pass

Hall Pass

The website . . . which is a place you go when you want to find someone to have an AFFAIR with . . . has released the results of its annual Celebrity Hall Pass survey.

They asked 25,000 subscribers which celebrity they’d go out with if their spouse gave them permission.

The guys went straight for newly-single KATY PERRY.  She was followed by RIHANNA and MILA KUNIS.

The rest of the Top 10 is . . .

#4.)  Salma Hayek

#5.)  Jennifer Aniston

#6.)  Scarlett Johansson

#7.)  Sofia Vergara

#8.)  Blake Lively

#9.)  Kim Kardashian

#10.)  Sarah Palin  (???)

RYAN GOSLING was the top pick for the ladies, followed by GEORGE CLOONEY(–For some reason, nobody’s printing the full men’s list, so this is all we have.)


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