If you need an answer to any random question tomorrow, DON’T go to Wikipedia for your answer.  It won’t be there!  The website, along with a few others, are shutting down.  If you need an answer, come to KOOLradio.com!  I’ll be more than happy to answer ANY questions you may have.  I can’t promise the answer will be accurate.  But, then again, neither can Wikipedia!

Jimmy Wales is the founder of Wikipedia.  He’s shutting down his site for 24 hours to protest the SOPA and PIPA bills in Congress.  Ever heard of them?  It’s all about internet censorship and anti-piracy laws.

CLICK HERE for the whole story.  And, remember…if you need ANY random answers tomorrow bewteen 10a-1p…CALL ME!  602-260-9494.  Please refer to our station as Wiki-KOOL!


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