Starting Sunday, Jan. 15, a regular Powerball ticket will cost you $2, double the previous price.
They are calling it a “Birthday Makeover.”  I can’t believe Powerball has been around for 20 years already!  Holy Cow!

•  The minimum jackpot — matching all five white-ball numbers plus the red Powerball — will be $40 million, up from $20 million.
•  Matching five numbers (your Powerball pick was a dud) will get you a cool $1 million, up from $200,000 now.
•  Your odds of winning the jackpot will also increase because the choice of Powerball numbers is being scaled back — from 39 to 35. (Regular white balls will still number 1 through 59.) “That will raise the odds of winning from 1 in 192 million to 1 in 175 million,” The Associated Press says. That’s still just slightly better than a snowball’s chance in the underworld.
•  The overall odds of winning something will also increase — from 1 in 35 to 1 in 31.8 — not that you’re playing to win the $4 minimum prize (up from the current $3).
•  Power Play will also change. “Power Play prizes become set prizes, no longer dependent upon a multiplier,” the Multi-State Lottery Association says. Rather, pay that extra dollar — now you’re up to $3 for one ticket — and a $4 prize becomes $12, a $7 prize is $14, $100 in winnings becomes $200, $10,000 becomes $40,000 (!) and the $1 million prize for matching five white balls doubles to $2 million (!!). The Arizona Lottery has a chart that explains how that works.


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