movies New Movies Out This Weekend

A Movie Starring Dennis Quaid as a Killer Mortician and A New Exorcist Flick Are The First New Movies to Hit Theaters in 2012.

I won’t see this one, because I still remember the “Exorcist!”

#1.)  The Devil Inside  (R)

A woman murders three people in the middle of her own exorcism, and gets locked up for the rest of her life.  A Brazilian woman named Fernanda Andrade plays her daughter, who asks some exorcists to take another shot at removing the four demons that have possessed her mom.

#2.)  Beneath the Darkness  (R)  (Trailer)  (Limited)

Dennis Quaid plays a mortician who terrorizes a group of high school students after they catch him DANCING WITH A CORPSE.  He kills one of them that first night, but the cops don’t believe their story so he’s free to go after the rest.

One of the kids is played by Aimee Teegarden, who you might recognize as the coach’s daughter Julie on “Friday Night Lights”.


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