If you hate your job, this probably won’t help. came up with a list of things you’ll find at a “COOL” office . . . like the offices of YouTube or Google . . . but probably not at YOUR office.

#1.)  Scooters and Skateboards.  Getting around the office on wheels is an option if you work at Pixar, Google, Facebook, PopCap Games, or the website  Some offices even have skateboard RAMPS.

#2.)  Foosball Tables.  You see this one SOMETIMES.  But apparently at a “cool” office it’s a must-have.  The offices of Google, Apple, Pixar, and Groupon all have them.  Ping-pong tables and pool tables are also popular.

#3.)  Red Walls.  Not all of them, just one or two “accent” walls.  Apparently having all white walls is too conventional.  And a single bright red wall makes it look like the people who work there think outside the box.

YouTube, Etsy, and software companies like Autodesk and Valve all have at least one red wall. 

#4.)  Orange Furniture.  This one’s even more common than red walls.  Orange chairs and couches have been spotted at the offices of Groupon, Google, Twitter, Skype, Digg, Mozilla . . . and basically every other tech company in the world.

#5.)  Slides.  YouTube has one, and so do Red Bull, Epic Games, and Google.  In fact, Google has slides at their offices in New York, San Francisco, Zurich, and their headquarters in Mountain View, California.



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