A Change To How We Tell Time?

Time, is on our side…

The way we keep time is not perfect, it’s causing plenty of problems for society.
Scientists at the International Bureau of Weights and Measures in Paris, France are considering eliminating something next month that may change the way we tell time, and most people don’t even know it. They are deciding whether or not to eliminate “leap seconds” from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).People are aware of leap years, which add an extra day ( at the end of February) every four years in order to adjust for the extra part of the day in Earth’s yearly rotation around the sun. But leap seconds serve a much less purpose: by adding a second to the clock in for slight, unpredictable changes in the Earth’s rotation, caused by things like the gradual slowing of Earth’s rotation caused by the friction of ocean tides or the gravitational pull of the moon. In simple terms, every now and then we have to stop the clock for a second, so the Earth’s rotation can catch up to our measurement of time.


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