Is This FedEx “Efficiency?”


fedex olympic package thrower Is This FedEx Efficiency?

It appears at least one FedEx driver takes the term “package dropoff” LITERALLY!  I realize there are a lot of deliveries to make.  But, this video is unreal!  The driver carries a computer monitor up to the gate, then heaves it over the top…without even ringing the doorbell!  It was all caught on the security camera and has since gone viral.  The owner even says he was home and watched it in realtime!

FedEx delivered 17 million packages on December 12th alone.  That’s a new record.  Now we see how that’s possible!  According to FedEx, this is NOT the norm.  Here’s the quote from spokeswoman, Shea Leordeanu: “This was careless treatment of a customer package by our courier and it will be addressed. We take pride in the quality of service we provide to millions of customers daily and we will not tolerate any irresponsible act that affects the quality of any item we deliver and the good reputation FedEx is known for worldwide.”

The driver’s name was not released.  But, if you see him coming to YOUR door, run outside and grab that package!!!


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  1. One of the 99% says:

    If I were a betting man I would wager to guess that the house that this guy is delivering the package to is owned bye a wealthy family who probably never gives the poor guy any holiday tip and are most likely a bunch of ********. The simple fact that they have huge gate and a security camera is a pretty clear indication that they have money. There was just recently another video posted of a UPS driver doing a similar thing to a house in Northport Long Island which also happens to be an above average town in terms of income brackets, in other words its an upper class area. Why on earth would a delivery man go out of his way to flip the camera the bird and toss the package? Seems to me that this is a situation that has a story behind it. In my opinion this is classic US vs THEM, the 99% giving the old “UP YOURS” to the ****** bag 1%. Bravo gentlemen! Bravo!

    1. 99%-

      While I can appreciate the frustration, we are all paid to DO YOUR JOBS. Tantrums and “up yours” are pointless, immature and should have NO place in the workforce. The guy deserves to be canned. Period.

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