The best thing about the holidays are the traditions.  But not all traditions are created equal.  Here are five of the STRANGEST Christmas traditions from around the world.

#1.)  The Christmas Pickle.  If you know anyone of German or Spanish descent, check their Christmas tree.  There’s an old tradition of hanging up one Christmas ornament that’s shaped like a PICKLE.

You’re supposed to hide it among all the other ornaments on the tree.  Then the person who finds it gets an extra gift on Christmas Day.

#2.)  Roller Skating to Church.  This one actually starts TODAY.  From December 16th through December 24th, cars aren’t allowed on the streets in Venezuela’s capital of Caracas until 8:00 a.m.

And instead of walking to early-morning Mass, the custom is for everyone to roller skate there.

#3.)  Putting Spider Webs on Your Christmas Tree.  There’s an old folk tale in the Ukraine about a poor family that didn’t have enough money to decorate their Christmas tree.

Then they woke up on Christmas morning and found it covered with silver and gold spider webs.

So in the Ukraine during the holidays, it’s not unusual to see Christmas trees with fake spider webs on them.  Or even REAL spider webs if the person’s hardcore.  Apparently it’s supposed to be good luck.

#4.)  Hiding Every Broom in Your House.  In Norway, everyone’s supposed to hide their brooms on Christmas Eve.  According to legend, evil spirits will rise from the dead and ride around on the brooms like witches if people don’t do it.

So for us, it would make more sense as a HALLOWEEN tradition.

#5.)  Eating Kentucky Fried Chicken.  In Japan, less than 1% of the population is Christian.  But for some reason, it’s become a tradition to eat fried chicken on Christmas Eve . . . especially Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Then it’s usually followed by strawberry shortcake for dessert.  Apparently it all started with a Christmas ad campaign by KFC in the 1970s.


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