Office Christmas Party

Office Christmas Party

In this economy, it’s not worth messing up your entire professional career over one bad decision at the company Christmas party.

In a new survey by the social dating site, at least one in five people say they could actually see themselves QUITTING THEIR JOB if they did something incredibly embarrassing at the Christmas party.

What qualifies as a career-ending embarrassment?  Here’s the list . . .

19% say they’d quit if they threw up at the party from drinking too much.

18% would quit if they MADE OUT WITH THEIR BOSS.

10% would quit if they embarrassed themselves SINGING at the party.

–And finally, 4% said they’d quit if they did some horrible dancing.

–The survey also found that about 33% have kissed a coworker at a company party . . . and 25% plan to flirt with a coworker at this year’s party.


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