Men Think Christmas Would Be Better If They Were In Charge . . . Featuring Less Stress, No In-Laws, and Steak for Dinner



[sponsored] Women are in charge of Christmas.  That’s a fact.  A survey last week found that 0% of couples say the man takes the lead for the holidays.  But deep down, men secretly think they could do it better.  For example; there would be more monkey’s involved with Christmas!

A new survey found that more than one-third of men think Christmas would be MUCH better if they ran the show.  What would you add to the list?

#1.)  People would be expected to spend less on gifts.

#2.)  Family Christmas cards would become rare . . . more than half would stop sending them.

#3.)  There would be NO visits from the in-laws.

#4.)  They’d do whatever it took to make the holiday season LESS STRESSFUL.

#5.)  And finally, instead of traditional Christmas dinner, they’d serve STEAK and FRENCH FRIES.


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