It’s the most guarded recipe in the world.  Since its creation 125 years ago, Coca-Cola has kept its formula a jealously guarded trade secret, spinning elaborate marketing mythologies about the ingredients and the people who know them. Until this week, the only official written copy was supposedly held under lock and key in a bank vault. Only two people at any given time are supposed to know the secret formula. And the same two people are prohibited from taking the same plane in the event it crashes and the trade secrets are taken to the grave.  So why for the first time since 1925, the top secret formula for Coca-Cola has been moved from a bank vault in Atlanta, to a display at the Coca-Cola museum?

The world’s largest beverage maker says the new vault containing the formula will be on display for visitors to its World of Coca-Cola museum. However, the 1886 formula itself will remain hidden from view.The decision to move the formula from a vault at SunTrust BaTks Inc. had nothing to with the bank’s decision in 2007 to sell its long-held stake in Coca-Cola.



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