Christmas Shopping

Christmas Shopping

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Do you know any families where the husband takes control of the Christmas shopping and the wife isn’t involved?  No?  Don’t worry.  It’s because they probably don’t EXIST.

A website for newlyweds called surveyed 500 married couples about their holiday preparations.  They asked who takes the lead on holiday shopping . . . the woman, the man, or both equally?

73% of couples say the woman takes the lead.  27% say the man and woman split it equally.  And 0% . . . yes, 0% . . . say the man takes the lead.  Out of 500 couples, not a single man runs the holiday shopping.

42% of the women surveyed say they wish their husband helped them more with the shopping . . . especially getting gifts for HIS parents.  62% of women say their husband’s parents are the hardest people to buy for.

(Wall Street Journal)


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