A Holiday Gift-Giving Price Guide for Different Stages of a Relationship

Christmas Gift

Christmas Gift

[sponsored] If you’ve just started dating and are wondering what you should give them for Christmas, the best present is tickets to an event . . . because it’s not too extravagant, it’s for both of you, and it sets up another date.

The online dating site Lavalife says pretty much the same thing, and suggests spending between $25 and $100.  They also said how much to spend if you’ve been dating LONGER than a few weeks.

#1.)  If You’ve Been Dating a Few Months, and It’s Going Well . . . Spend Between $25 and $100.  If you buy something too expensive, the other person might get freaked out.

Ideally, it should be something that’s not too extravagant, and shows you’ve been paying attention.  However, if you’re not entirely sure how well things are going, they suggest putting an upper limit of $75 dollars on the date.

#2.)  If You’ve Been Dating Between Six Months and Two Years . . . Spend Over $100.  That’s enough to buy something nice, but not break the bank.

Lavalife says to pick something that will remind them of you on a daily basis . . . like jewelry, sunglasses, or a new watch.

#3.)  If You’ve Been Together Longer Than That . . . Figure It Out on Your Own.  Lavalife doesn’t have any suggestions for married couples, because it’s a dating website.

But if you’ve been together for ten years, just make sure you buy SOMETHING, and make sure it’s within your budget.  The one thing you don’t want to do is spend $500 if it’ll make paying the bills tough next month.

If you’re the GUY, and you’ve been together for years but HAVEN’T gotten married, Lavalife has one suggestion:  Don’t buy anything small that looks like it could be a ring . . . unless of course it IS a ring.

#4.)  If Your Relationship Is on the Rocks . . . Don’t Spend More Than $25.  This one’s kind of weird, but their logic is . . . you shouldn’t try to win them over with your wallet.  And at this point, it’s really the thought that counts.

So buy something that shows them you still care.  And spend more than $25 if you want to.  Just don’t buy them an iPad 2 and expect it to fix anything.


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