Five Tips to Help Survive Your Office Holiday Party

Office Christmas Party

Office Christmas Party


If you’ve got an office Christmas party coming up, has a list of tips to help make sure you don’t do something stupid.

Obviously, the first rule is DON’T GET DRUNK.  Eat as much as you want to, but Gawker suggests a two-drink minimum.

#1.)  Dress Up.  Don’t just go in your work clothes.  Wear something a little nicer. Ideally, it should be something that’s professional AND a little festive.  Just don’t go overboard with an ugly Christmas sweater, unless that’s the theme of the party.

#2.)  Go Alone if You Want To.  Just because YOU have to suffer through a boring party doesn’t mean someone else has to.  Plus, if your DATE does something embarrassing . . . like drinking too much . . . it reflects badly on YOU.

#3.)  Overspend on Your Secret Santa Gift, but Not Too Much.  Don’t buy a $10 gift if the upper limit is $20.  But also don’t spend FIFTY.

Gawker suggests overspending by five or ten bucks.  That ensures you’ll bring something nicer than most of the other gifts, but not so nice that it’s suspicious.

#4.)  Don’t Talk About Work.  Especially with your boss.  Instead, talk about your life OUTSIDE of work . . . so they know you have one.  Or better yet, just ask a lot of questions about THEM.

#5.)  Don’t Call in Sick the Next Day.  If you think you’re GETTING sick, don’t go to the party in the first place.  Because if you’re healthy enough to make the party, you should be healthy enough to make it to work the next day.

If you forget the two-drink max and DO get drunk, you DEFINITELY have to make it to work.  If you don’t, you’ll never hear the end of it.



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