38% of People are Already Done With Their Christmas Shopping!

Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopping

I really miss the days when everyone was as lazy as me.  Because somehow the mix of Black Friday media hype and Christmas starting in October has turned everyone else into proactive overachievers.

According to a new nationwide survey by Reuters, more than ONE-THIRD of Americans are already done with their Christmas shopping.

32% of people finished up before the end of November, and another 6% wrapped things up this past weekend.  That means 38% of the people in this country now just get to sit back and relax.

However, most guys don’t start shopping until the day before.  Any you know who you are!


One Comment

  1. Jennifer says:

    lol, I’m still shopping the day before. I have yet to finish Christmas shopping until the very last minute, and the only reason that happens is because the stores kick me out and lock their doors.

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