Three Tips for Buying Lingerie as a Christmas Gift



Lingerie isn’t just for Valentine’s Day.  It’s a good Christmas gift too . . . but only if you do it right.  There’s a lingerie expert named Jada Michaels, and she says there are three things you need to think about.

#1.)  Don’t Go Too Sexy.  Choose something she’ll wear again, like satin pajamas or a satin robe.  Otherwise it’s ONLY a present for you.

–If that’s way too boring, go for something sexier.  But add garters and matching pantyhose so it at least covers SOME skin.

#2.)  Make Sure You Get the Right Size.  Since you can’t ask her, here’s how to figure it out yourself:  If you live together, check the size of a dress she wears all the time.  If you don’t live together, check the size of her coat.

–Dress and coat sizes range from zero to 28:  Zero to two is an extra-small in lingerie.  Two to four is a small.  Six to eight is a medium.  Ten to 12 is a large.  Fourteen to 16 is an extra-large.  Eighteen to 22 is a 1X or 2X.  And 24 to 26 is a 3X or 4X.

#3.)  Don’t JUST Give Her Lingerie.  The store should give you a gift box.  Wrap that in NICE wrapping paper . . . not the same cartoony stuff you use for the kids.

–And also think about buying a few more things to go with it like bubble bath and candles.  Just remember that giving lingerie should be romantic, especially for the holidays.


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