Train Wreck

Train Wreck

ABC has announced the cast of “Celebrity Wife Swap” . . . and it sure looks like there’s a new reality TV train wreck in town.

First off, the rumors were TRUE:  GARY BUSEY will switch partners with TED HAGGARD . . . the founder of the gigantic evangelical New Life Church who was caught in a gay sex and drugs scandal five years ago.  Ted’s wife, Gayle, actually stuck with him through that scandal, and she’ll switch places with Gary’s girlfriend Steffanie Sampson.  (–Yeah, she’s not technically his “wife” . . . but clearly the producers were willing to overlook that.)

In what appears to be the “weight issues” bracket:  Former “Growing Pains” anorexic TRACEY GOLD will switch husbands with CARNIE WILSON from WILSON PHILLIPS.

Then, in the “late-’80s / early-’90s musician-turned-reality TV veteran” bracket:  FLAVOR FLAV will send his fiancée to TWISTED SISTER singer DEE SNIDER’S house, in exchange for Dee’s wife.

In the “please pardon my looks” bracket:  Unkempt wrestling legend MICK FOLEY will trade his wife for the girlfriend of metrosexual pretty boy ANTONIO SABATO JR.

And in the “my career began where yours died” bracket, NIECY NASH will send her new husband to TINA YOTHERS’ place, in exchange for Tina’s husband.


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