fruitcake Ten Delicious Holiday Foods . . . and Why You Shouldnt Eat Them


We’re right in the middle of the holidays, and December starts tomorrow.  So the people at decided to rain on the parade by posting a list of the top 50 holiday foods you should AVOID.

Here are the ten most-irresistible things on their list, and why you shouldn’t indulge.  As you’d expect, they’re mostly desserts.

#1.)  Gingerbread.  It’s got tons of flour, sugar, and buttermilk.  One small piece can have 260 calories and 12 grams of fat.  The fiber is the only real benefit.

#2.)  Peanut Brittle.  It’s basically just corn syrup, sugar, and butter.  It depends on the brand, but one piece typically has about 150 calories and five grams of fat.

–So if you have three pieces, it’s like eating a double cheeseburger at McDonald’s, but with a little less fat.

#3.)  The Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha at Starbucks.  It’s delicious, but one 16-ounce cup has 540 calories.

–And together, the syrup, whipped cream, and dark chocolate have 76 grams of sugar . . . which is three times the amount of added sugar the American Heart Association suggests PER DAY.

–Also skip the Gingerbread Latte at Dunkin’ Donuts.  A 16-ounce cup has 330 calories, and 51 grams of sugar.  That’s about 13 teaspoons.

#4.)  Swedish Meatballs.  They’re small, so it’s easy to eat a lot.  And each one can easily be over 400 calories.  That’s 400 calories of white bread, butter, heavy cream, and salty beef broth.

#5.)  Sugar Cookies.  They’re not as bad as SOME cookies.  But an average sugar cookie has 200 calories, and 14 grams of sugar.

–Instead, suggests making WHOLE-WHEAT sugar cookies . . . which are probably as unsatisfying as they sound.

#6.)  Fruitcake.  As you know, it’s not healthy just because it has “fruit” in the name.  One slice can have over 400 calories and 13 grams of fat.

#7.)  Pecan Pie.  Pecans are high in calories anyway.  Then you add sugar, butter, and corn syrup.  And in the end, one normal slice will be at least 500 calories, and have 37 grams of fat, and 26 grams of sugar.

–You’re much better off with a slice of apple pie, which only has about 25% as much fat.

#8.)  Plum Pudding.  It’s also called “Christmas Pudding”, and you don’t see it as much as you used to . . . which is probably a GOOD thing.

–The traditional recipe calls for molasses, brandy, and candied fruit in the batter.  Then you bake it in a pudding mold, after you’ve rubbed grease and sugar all over it.

–One serving of plum budding has about 360 calories, 15 grams of fat, and 30 grams of sugar.

#9.)  Candy Canes.  They’re just sugar and vinegar, so they’re definitely not GOOD for you.  But they’re not really THAT bad either.  One candy cane only has about 60 calories.  So just don’t eat TEN.

 #10.)  Eggnog.  The ingredients include sugar, eggs, cream, and bourbon.  So one cup has about 350 calories, and almost a day’s worth of sugar.

–Plus, it has 150 milligrams of cholesterol, which is about half what you’re supposed to have in a whole day.


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