Most People Spend More Than $20 on Christmas Gifts for Their Pet . . . and One in Twelve Spend More Than $100



Most pet owners consider their dog or cat part of the family, and that means buying them gifts during the holidays.

A survey by Petplan pet insurance found that nine out of ten pet owners buy their pets Christmas presents.  My dogs always get something from me, and yes, I put their name on it!  I usually spend around $20 on each.  How about you?

–Two out of three people spend more than $20 . . . one in four spend at least $50 . . . and one in twelve spend $100 on their pet’s Christmas gift.

–Some people really push the definition of what’s considered a “gift”, including a house with a bigger yard, or a new car, since dogs love to go for rides.

–But plenty of pet owners splurge on truly expensive presents for their dog or cat, including spa days and Swarovski crystal-encrusted collars.

–Three out of four pet owners give their dog or cat a Christmas stocking, and four in five give their pet special treats while the rest of the family is enjoying holiday meals.

–Five out of eight pet owners include their animals in the family Christmas-card photo . . . and nearly three in four people sign their pet’s name on the Christmas card.



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