“Adweek” magazine surveyed store security pros from around the country and asked them what items are shoplifted the most from their stores.  I was shocked at what the number one stolen item was!  I’ve never in my life thought about stealing anything like this.

#1.)  Filet mignon!!!  Yes, “luxury meat” thefts are up 21% since 2009 and are the most commonly stolen items from grocery stores.

#2.)  Expensive liquors.  Stolen more by alcoholics than underage kids.

#3.)  Small electric tools.  This covers everything from power drills to electric toothbrushes.

#4.)  iPhones.  iPhones, plus other small electronics, get stolen all the time.  Approximately 100,000 laptops are stolen from stores every year.

#5.)  Gillette Mach 4 razor blades.  Razor blade thefts account for 2.7% of all store losses.

#6.)  AXE body spray.  AXE is the most stolen brand of deodorant, body wash, and body spray.

#7.)  Polo.  Polo is the most stolen designer brand, and Tommy Hilfiger is second.  Clothing theft is up 31% since 2009.

#8.)  Let’s Rock Elmo.  This Elmo toy, along with all the other hot toys for this Christmas season, are major targets.

#9.)  Chanel No. 5.  Designer fragrances account for 4% of losses in stores where they’re sold.

#10.)  Nikes.



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