johnlennonheader John Lennons Tooth Sold!

Photo by Brenda Chase/Newsmakers

Maria posted last week that the tooth was going up for auction.   Well, it sold.

A tooth belonging to John Lennon sold for more than $31,000 at an online auction Saturday, going for more than double the estimate. It was bought by Michael Zuk, a Canadian dentist.

Lennon gave the molar to Dot Jarlett, his housekeeper during the ’60s. Her son Barry says he was in the kitchen when Lennon, with the tooth wrapped in paper, asked Dot to dispose of it. But he then did a 180 — saying maybe she should give it to her daughter who was a Beatles fan to keep “as a souvenir.” This wasn’t the first piece of memorabilia Lennon gave Dot, who is now 90. He also gave her the jacket he wore on the cover of Rubber Soul, as well as a leather wallet and a pearl necklace when he returned from Japan.  In case you missed it…



Lennon tooth

Lennon tooth


  1. Maria Knight says:

    THAT’s GROSS!!!!

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