And so [mp3com-artist]John Mayer[/mp3com-artist] begat [mp3com-artist]Counting Crows[/mp3com-artist]. And Counting Crows begat [mp3com-artist]Jimmy Gilmer[/mp3com-artist]. But only in my mind.

Didja ever make a mixtape? Of course you have.

Ever make one that got a lot of listens? Of course you have.

Every hear a song from a favorite mix in another context and have your brain immediately go into mix mode?

For example, I’m sitting at a coffee shop as I write this. I hear Counting Crows’ “Mr. Jones” and the minute it ends I hear Jimmy Gilmer’s “Sugar Shack.” But’s not actually on the overhead speakers; it’s in my brain because it’s the next song on Claire’s Driving To New York Mix Tape, Vol. 3. And it’s been, probably, 20 years since I’ve heard that tape.

Favorite line: “I’m gonna make that girl love me when I put on some trash.”

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