Drew Barrymore and Eddie Murphy Are the Most Overpaid Actors in Hollywood



The unstoppable list-makers at Forbes.com have released their annual tally of Hollywood’s Most Overpaid Actors.

This year’s champ is DREW BARRYMORE . . . whose movies make a mere 40 CENTS for every dollar studios spend on her.

EDDIE MURPHY finished second with $2.70.

The list was calculated based on each actor’s last three NON-ANIMATED movies.

Drew’s last three movies were “Going the Distance”, “Everybody’s Fine” and “Whip It”.

Eddie’s were “Imagine That”, “Meet Dave” and “Norbit”(–If not for the ban on animated flicks, “Shrek Forever After” would have been on Eddie’s list in place of “Norbit”, and his name might not even have come up.  So it goes.)

(–But Eddie has “Tower Heist” coming out this weekend, and it could very well be a hit.  And he’s hosting the Oscars.  So maybe his fortunes are reversing.) 

Who else do you think made the list?

#1.)  Drew Barrymore,  40 cents

#2.)  Eddie Murphy,  $2.70

#3.)  Will Ferrell,  $3.50

(–Will topped the list the previous two years.  Last year he even bragged about it . . . saying, quote, “Isn’t that the whole point?  I mean, aren’t we all striving to be overpaid?  Apparently I’m living the American dream without even trying.”)

#4.)  Reese Witherspoon,  $3.55

#5.)  Denzel Washington,  $4.25

#6.)  Nicolas Cage,  $4.40

#7.)  (tie)  Adam Sandler and Vince Vaughn,  $5.20

#9.)  Tom Cruise,  $6.35

#10.)  Nicole Kidman,  $6.70


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