Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp

The world almost had to make do without JOHNNY DEPP . . . because he came pretty close to DEATH while filming his latest movie “The Rum Diary” . . . after a plane he and director Bruce Robinson were in broke down in mid-air.

Johnny says, quote, “The plane just shut down.  The sound of the engines stopped.  There was silence.  Bruce and I were looking at each other and I think I said, ‘Is this it?’

“It was like this weird extended moment when you’re just floating for a second and you could feel this unpleasant descent.

“Nobody said a word except for Bruce and I, sitting next to each other saying, ‘Oh [crap]!  This is death;  I guess this is how it goes down.’  Then we burst into hysterical laughter at the idea that this was how we were going to die.”

Obviously, the engines kicked back in, and everything was cool.  Johnny says, quote, “I guess you could say that was a big bonding experience for Bruce and me.  For a moment there, we were going down together.”


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