black friday e12890218179751 Is It Too early To Start Thinking About Black Friday?
Halloween is OVER. We are now focused on Thanksgiving. And we are only about three weeks away from the day after Thanksgiving…better known as BLACK FRIDAY.
The website posted a list debunking some of the biggest Black Friday myths…

#1. MYTH: BLACK FRIDAY IS THE BUSIEST SHOPPING DAY OF THE YEAR. It’s not. The Saturday before Christmas is always the busiest day. This year, that’s December 24th. Only 35% of people actually go shopping on Black Friday.

#2. MYTH: YOU HAVE TO CAMP OUT IN FRONT OF A STORE TO GET THE BEST DEALS. Yeah, maybe to get a few of  the most ridiculous deals you have to camp out. But every year, more and more stores offer their Black Friday sales online as well.

#3. MYTH: BLACK FRIDAY IS THE BEST DAY TO GET A NEW TV. Moth of the time, you’re better off waiting until December…when brands unveil their new 2012 TV models and the old one get a bigger discount.

#4. MYTH: IF YOU’RE GOING TO SHOP ONLINE, WAIT FOR CYBER MONDAY. Since most retailers are offering their best Black Friday deals online, wait a few days until “Cyber Monday” will probably leave you with the scraps.


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