Five Apps That Can Make You a Better Cook

Swedish Chef

Swedish Chef

Ladies and gentelmen, whether you’re cooking for your date this weekend, or just needing some help in the kitchen, you can save a lot if you MAKE dinner instead of going out.  If your cooking SUCKS, don’t worry:  Here are the top five iPhone and iPad apps that can make you a better cook.

#1.)  “How to Cook Everything”.  The recipes are organized by ingredients, so it’s easier to cook with whatever’s in your fridge.  It’s based on a cookbook by “New York Times” writer Mark Bittman.  The iPhone version is $5, and the iPad version is $10.

 #2.)  “Kitchen Math”.  It’s 99 cents on the iPhone, and quickly calculates things like how many teaspoons are in a cup.  Plus, it tells you the correct cooking temperatures for meat and poultry, so you won’t overcook it or undercook it.

 #3.)  “Harvest”.  This one helps you pick out fresh produce at the grocery store.  It tells you what’s in season, and how to make sure what you’re buying is ripe.  It costs $10 on both the iPhone or the iPad.

 #4.)  “Appetites”.  It has step-by-step cooking instructions from chefs.  And each lesson has a video shot from the cook’s point-of-view, so you can see exactly how it’s done.  It costs 99 cents, and each recipe you buy is another 99 cents.

 #5.)  “The Professional Chef”.  It’s based on the textbook they use at the Culinary Institute of America, which is considered the best cooking school in America.  And everything in the app is required reading for students. 

It teaches you the basics of cooking in 36 chapters and 60 instructional videos.  It’s the most complete cooking app on the list, but it costs $50 and it’s only available for the iPad.  Still, it’s a LOT cheaper than cooking school.

Now get in the kitchen and crank up that Cuisinart!


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