Neiman Marcus Christmas

Neiman Marcus Christmas

Every year, Neiman Marcus puts out a Christmas catalog that includes some ridiculously expensive gifts, and this year’s edition came out yesterday.  A bit risky in this climate, I’d say.  Hopefully no one’s going to go Occupy Neiman Marcus.

Dancing fountains.  You know those fountains outside places like the Bellagio in Vegas that shoot water choreographed to music?  For $1,000,000 you can have one installed in your backyard.

International flower show tour.  You and nine friends get flown on a private jet to flower shows all over Europe.  It includes luxury hotels, gourmet meals, and it’ll run you $420,000.

Luxury yurt.  It’s a tent in your backyard that’s designed to look like it’s for an Arabian king.  Plush couches, chandelier, all that.  It starts at $75,000.

Private Johnnie Walker Scotch tasting.  For just $5,000, you can host 20 people at your house and try all the different Johnnie Walker labels.  And everyone leaves with a $170 bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue.  (–A $170 bottle of Scotch for 20 people would cost $3,400.  This actually might be a good deal?!?)

Designer ping-pong table made of black rubber.  This will set you back $45,000.

For what it’s worth, in all of the item descriptions they make a HEAVY-HANDED POINT of mentioning how a portion of the purchase goes to charity.

CLICK HERE for your Neiman Marcus holiday shopping!


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