Doug The UP Dog

Doug The UP Dog

You’ve probably heard a million home remedies for YOURSELF.  But what about home remedies for your DOG?

 Well, a book came out earlier this year called Amazing Pet Cures, and some of them sound like they might actually work . . . for dogs AND cats.

#1.)  Use Crisco to Get Burs Out of Their Fur.  Wear work gloves so you don’t get pricked, then work a dab of Crisco into the affected area, pry the burs loose, and use shampoo to get the Crisco off.

#2.)  Use Vinegar to Stop Your Dog from Chewing on the Furniture.  In a spray bottle, mix five ounces of white vinegar, five ounces of apple cider vinegar, and five ounces of water.  Then spray it on whatever the dog likes to chew.

–Or if it’s a specific spot, you can dab it with Bengay. 

#3.)  To Kill Fleas, Bathe Your Dog with Dawn Dish Soap.  It’s non-toxic, but it penetrates the exoskeletons of the fleas and kills them.  And according to the book, it works better than some prescription flea shampoos.

#4.)  To Prevent Shedding, Use a Damp Paper Towel.  Just run a sheet under the tap, then pet your dog with it to collect the loose hair.  It won’t actually STOP the shedding.  But it’ll help make sure the hair doesn’t end up all over the house.

#5.)  Use Trash Bags to Stop You Dog from Going to the Bathroom Inside.  If it always happens in the same spot, just cut open a trash bag and put it there.  Most dogs hate the feeling of plastic on their feet so much, they won’t walk on it.

–Of course, there’s still a chance it’ll go right NEXT to the trash bag.

#6.)  To Discourage Digging, Use Tabasco Sauce and Cayenne Pepper.  If they keep digging up the yard, add four tablespoons of Tabasco and four tablespoons of cayenne pepper to one quart of water.  Then sprinkle it on the grass.

#7.)  To Make the Food Bowls Easier to Clean, Use PAM Cooking Spray.  If you spray a little bit on the inside of the bowl before you fill it with wet food, the leftover pieces won’t stick when they dry out.

–And as an added bonus, the vegetable oil helps make your dog’s coat shinier.

#8.)  For Older Dogs with Arthritis, Use White Rice in a Sock.  Fill a sock halfway with uncooked white rice, tie a knot in the end, and heat it in the microwave for one minute.

–Then put the warm sock on your dog’s joints twice a day for about 15 minutes.  You can also do the same thing with a regular heating pad.  But you don’t have to worry about your dog RUINING rice in a sock.  And it’s also re-usable.

–Just make sure to use a CLEAN sock . . . or your microwave will smell DISGUSTING.

  1. Diane Angel says:

    I took #3 listed advice… I scrubbed my dog, HARLEY BABE last night, gave her a shower & used liquid DAWN…WOW, She was squeeky clean & she didn’t even put up a fuss, she seemed to actually love it. Smell nice too, I still use the spray to put proteins back into her coat of fur. Cuddled her in warm towels to dry her off & Brushed her down. She smells so clean & her coat of fur is so shiney… WOO HOO… thank you for listing this for dog’s…


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